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Infinity Futures

Trading Around the FOMC
With Jim Cagnina
Thursday January 17th, 10:00 am CT (Chicago Time)


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After a nearly 10 year hiatus, interest rates are in play again. The Federal Reserve Board (the "Fed") through their Federal Open Market Committee (the "FOMC") will meet eight (8) times in 2019 to set the target for the federal funds rate and adjust open market operations accordingly.

Join us as we discuss how the FOMC actions can affect the futures markets and tips to look for when trading the futures markets. In this event, we will focus on the Stock Index, Interest Rate and Currency futures market.

- FOMC Structure
- The Meetings
- Past Meeting Impacts
- Hawkish vs. Dovish
- Why Interest Rates Matter
- Why Inflation, Jobs and the US Dollar Matter
- CME Fed Watch Tool
- Trading Strategies
- Question and Answers