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February Webinar Schedule

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Live Trading Webinar
Tuesday & Thursday
9:00 am CT (Chicago Time)

We are trading and analyzing the futures markets with an advanced professional online trading platform that runs on any device anywhere at anytime.

Join Jim Cagnina as he outlines trade strategies in the live futures trading market using the InfinityAT™ trading platform and ATCharts™. This webinar is designed to benefit any online day or swing trader regardless of the market that you are trading.

We will demonstrate actionable trade set ups, demonstrate order entry and management techniques, and talk all things trading. Attendee participation is encouraged in this open webinar format.


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Topics Include:

- Real trading strategies
- How to best prepare - a pre-trading session guide
- Benefiting from server-side OTO and OCO trading techniques
- How to read a candle chart
- Point of control and value area, why are they so important
- How geo-political and global events spark price change
- How does the Fed fit in all this?

Did you know ES and NQ crush SPY and QQQ?