The Dashboard is a multi-feature rich screen designed to give traders a comprehensive view of both the markets and account specific information.


The highly customizable quoteboard (aka Scoreboard) provides real-time data including: bid/ask, daily high/low, PnL per market and more. Traders are able to launch trading DOMs and charts as well as cancel orders and flatten positions.


Open Orders

The Open Orders section of the Dashboard provides traders with a detailed view of all open orders. Traders can modify or cancel orders from this window. Information associated with the open orders window include: type of order, time stamps, pricing and contract size.


Filled Orders

The Filled Orders window provides detailed information on executed trades, including time stamps, order IDs and prices. Fills can be sorted and data downloaded as a CSV file for later analysis.


Multi Chart View

Preload up to 4 different charts in a single browser window. Compare different time frames or completly different markets in the multi-chart window. Traders can customize each individual chart in the view and even place and manage trades directly on the charts.


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