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E-mini NASDAQ-100 futures vs. Tech Stocks

Facebook, Amazon, Netflix and Google – aka the famed FANG stocks. They bring great potential to your portfolio, but are exceedingly expensive to trade. It’s no wonder that E-mini NASDAQ 100 futures out trade all the FANG stocks combined by a wide margin.

CME Group explores an alternative way to add the rewards of FANG exposure without the FANG stock costs, using E-mini NASDAQ-100 futures:

- Why NASDAQ 100 is a great way to access top tech market opportunities
- How the capital efficiency of futures can translate to significant savings
- Why the advantage of nearly 24-hour futures access is important
- What you need to do to start implementing this strategy today

Sink your FANGs into E-mini NASDAQ-100 Futures
Craig Bewick, CME Group
Director of Client Development and Sales Retail
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