Infinity Charts

InfinityAT™ Charts/Sierra Chart

InfinityAT™ Charts, integrated with the InfinityAT™ trading platform, is a complete and professional trading platform supporting manual, automated and simulated trading. Create and customize advanced intraday and historical charts. Charts user interface are fully customizable and include, hundreds of studies and indicators (300+), and all of the major studies, drawing tools, and more.

Features Include:

- Professional Quality Charting
- Hundreds, of common and not so common studies
- Highly customizable
- Auto Playback
- Trade from the Charts
- Multiple Chart Books
- Time and Sales
- Export data and more
- And more
- See our Video Section for Examples


A 30 day demo period is available for the InfintyAT™ Charts.

Real-Time Charting

Try real-time charting for free:

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InfinityAT Charting w/10 rt per 30 days less than 10 rt per 30 days
Monthly Fee FREE $19.95
TPO yes yes
Number Bars yes yes
Auto Playback yes yes
Trade from the Charts yes yes
Multiple Chart Books yes yes
Time and Sales yes yes

InfinityAT Chart Plug-Ins

Infinity Futures and the third party educators mentioned herein are separate, unaffiliated companies. Infinity Futures is not responsible for the services and products offered by these third party educators.

AbleTrend 7.0

Evolving from the classic benchmark ASCTrend indicators, AbleTrend 7.0 is a fully automatic trading system. It provides 100% objective buy/sell signals and stops for financial markets. AbleTrend 7.0 signals are based on time-tested ASCTrend technology and statistical back-testing performance reports.

To learn more click here

Trade Delta Gauge

The Trade Delta Gauge enables you to track market activity, the actual buying and selling, from any point you want. When you enter a trade you can reset it to essentially show you whether the current order-flow is helping or hurting your position. It will show you if there's an accumulation of order-flow working in your favor...or against you!

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Rob Hoffman's Trading Tools

Rob Hoffman is the Founder and CEO of Become A Better Trader, Inc. His trading tools are available for Infinity AT chart users. This analytical tool focuses on both intraday and swing trading strategies for futures traders.

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ValueCharts proprietary ValueLevels™ can be used as a tool to track the traditional price bars for one timeframe (one data compression) and track the valuation levels from a different timeframe (different data compression).

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Savius Proprietary Trading Tools

Savius, LLC is a boutique proprietary trading firm with headquarters in Chicago and traders in the US and Europe.

Savius' core business is focused on creating absolute returns on the firm's capital by trading a diversified portfolio of futures and options contracts. In addition to its proprietary trading business, Savius is actively involved in recruiting and training individuals seeking a career as professional traders as well as training aspiring independent daytraders.

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The TradeGuider "Trading Tools" package has everything you need, to trade any market using the power of Volume Spread Analysis™.

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Bookmap is an innovative visualization platform which sets new standards for market data visualization.

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Emoji Trading

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